iDentifi is an app that allows for visually impaired individuals to gain more independence in daily tasks like grocery shopping, self-navigating in indoor environments, and reading. It uses artificial intelligence to enable a visually impaired user to click a photo, and is able to recognize virtually any object, brand, colour, facial expression, handwriting and text, and subsequently deliver an audible description of the image’s contents to the user. Furthermore, all of the app's functionality works in 27 languages. Finally, the app features an interface designed with visually impaired users in mind, while also giving users the option to choose from three different modes of object and text recognition as well as how fast they want the app to speak. iDentifi is currently being used in 105 countries, and has processed more than 320,000 images. It has appeared on CBC National News, CBC Toronto News, CBC Metro Morning, CBC French Radio, CTV News Toronto, AMI-audio, Toronto Star, TechCrunch, won a silver medal at the Canada Wide Science Fair, named a TechCrunch Top Artificial Intelligence Story of 2016 (Along with Google AlphaGo, Facebook AI and 12 others), has been endorsed by local, national and international non-profits, and has received awards from the University of British Columbia, Dalhousie University, University of Ottawa, Western University and York University.